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Court ordered drug & alcohol assessments and addiction treatment services

ATA can provide both drug and alcohol assessments as well as addiction treatment services for clients arrested for DUI, domestic assault, assault, or other instances where alcohol or drugs are implicated in a criminal offense. Length of treatment unless specified by the court requirement is based on clinical need.

Deferred Prosecution programs

We are certified to provide the two-year deferred prosecution program for DUI offenders. This includes those individuals who qualify due to a mental health condition.

Domestic Violence Treatment

We are a state certified agency offering domestic violence perpetrator treatment programs at most of our locations. We can also provide DV evaluations and are prepared to present our findings to the court. Our program employs cognitive behavioral therapy and is designed for low to medium risk offenders.

Alcohol & Drug Information School (ADIS)

ADIS is an eight-hour education class for persons requiring a basic education about alcohol and drugs and their physical, psychological, social, and legal effects. This class is the mandatory minimum requirement for all substance related driving charges but is also often required for other substance related charges.

Victim Impact Panel

Our victim impact panels include a comprehensive presentation including personal stories from victims who have been seriously injured or had family members killed by those driving under the influence of alcohol. The victim impact panel presenters share information about the impact of their losses physically, emotionally and financially as a result of the actions of the drunk driver. The climate of the panel is not accusatory or blaming in tone but rather is focused on helping offenders realize the unintended trauma their choices may have on other people.

Criminal Forensic Mental Health Evaluations

Persons charged with misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor offenses sometimes exhibit behavioral and emotional conditions associated with their arrest that result in court mandated mental health evaluations to determine the need for interventions to reduce the risk of re-offending. We take referrals from courts and attorneys to provide a determination of the degree to which such conditions are present and the type of service necessary to address their problems.

Mental Health Deferred Prosecution

Clients adjudicating their criminal offense through deferred prosecution can petition the court for consideration of this option based upon a diagnosis of a substance use and/or a mental health disorder. Our mental health clinicians have substantial experience in conducting the combined alcohol/drug and mental health evaluation and recommending the appropriate treatment necessary to gain court approval for this disposition.

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