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Assessment & Treatment Associates offers a full range of services to assist individuals in addressing substance related problems. Our services include alcohol assessment and outpatient rehab that are flexible and take into account work, school, family and other life demands.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation

This Drug and alcohol evaluation and assessment is a comprehensive appointment that takes approximately an hour and a half with an assessment specialist. It includes completion of brief substance use screening tests, a urinalysis test, a bio/psycho/social diagnostic interview and consideration of any appropriate collateral information. At the end of the appointment the counselor will discuss both the diagnosis and the recommendations for addiction treatment if appropriate.

Intensive outpatient rehab treatment

Intensive outpatient rehab treatment involves participation in intensive group sessions three times weekly. This type of care is designed to provide structure and support in early recovery while allowing individuals to maintain their current work and family commitments. The group focuses on helping individuals’ gain a comprehensive understanding of their substance use disorder obtain awareness of the process of relapse and skills for prevention, and develop positive effective coping strategies. The group environment provides insight and support for each individual as they progress in recovery.

Outpatient rehab treatment

Outpatient rehab treatment involves participation in a weekly session. Individuals may be transitioned to this group following a more intensive level care or their needs at assessment may indicate this service as the appropriate initial placement. This group focuses on gaining awareness and acceptance of the alcohol dependence and/or drug addiction problem, relapse prevention planning, improving coping skills and developing a sober support network.

Relapse Prevention program

This portion of the outpatient program is designed for individuals who have awareness and acceptance of their substance use disorder and are able to attain sobriety for periods of time but then experienced a relapse or recurrent pattern of relapse. This program is especially valuable for high-risk patients such as those suffering from heroin addiction or long-term alcohol dependence. To qualify for this program an individual must have full awareness and acceptance of their substance use disorder, have previously attended some form of primary treatment and they must take full responsibility for their recent relapse. The program provides education about the relapse process, it helps individuals develop an individualized plan for relapse prevention, and assist them in developing a strong sober support system necessary for success in long term sobriety.

Early Intervention Services

Early intervention is a program for individuals that do not meet diagnostic criteria for a substance use disorder such as alcoholism and drug addiction but do evidence risk factors related to problematic substance use. The program is designed to help clients gain an understanding of the consequences of misusing substances, to improve decision making and coping skills which may have been affecting problematic substance use, and to help them identify and develop sources of positive support.

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